Roger's Rustic BBQ & Marinades

Roger's Rustic BBQ & Marinades
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Roger's Rustic is the ultimate in barbeque. Using the finest ingredients our BA Sauces use, we've continued the Roger's Rustic brand with the same intregity and consistency that made our company what it is today. We have brought back all the sauces to what they were originally and intend to continue to provide excellent products. Also be sure to try Roger's Rustic amazing pineapple based Salsa and Hot Pepper Sauce as well. Please note that we are changing over all the labels on the Roger’s Rustic brand to a new look.

BLACKBERRY WINE BBQ & MARINADE - Our Roger's Rustic Blackberry Wine Barbeque and Marinade Sauce is perfect for grilling, marinating, dipping, basting pork chops, beef ribs, chicken breasts, and wild game. Using fresh Blackberries and Merlot wine mixed with spices and a small amount of chili peppers gives any dish a unique, exciting flavor that makes you crave for more. Our Blackberry Wine Barbeque & Marinade Sauce brings out the best in any dish with a flavor all to its own.

SMOKE HOUSE BLEND BBQ & MARINADE - Right out of the bottle our Roger’s Rustic Smoke House Blend BBQ & Marinade sets new standards for traditional flavors. Our Sweet and Smoky Barbeque Sauce brings unexpected excitement to any dish with a balance of molasses, balsamic vinegar, garlic, onion, and sweet hickory smoke flavor. Tasty on Pork, Chicken, any Meat, Turkey, Wild Game, and Seafood. Perfect for dipping as well.

SWEET ISLAND BBQ & MARINADE - Roger learned a great deal about different types of “Island” sauces and marinades from traveling to the Caribbean. After several trips, he decided to make his own old school authentic sauce. The result is our highly praised Sweet Island BBQ & Marinade. Made with a wide variety of flavorful ingredients including fresh tomatoes, brown sugar, orange juice, molasses, ginger, and spices, this sauce is reminiscent of the Islands’ sweet and spiciness atmosphere.  A delicious tasty island flavor in every bite. Perfect for BBQ, grilling or even oven roasting chicken, beef or pork.

SUNSET HEAT BBQ & MARINADE aka Tropical Sunset (new label...same name) - Perfectly well-balanced sauce for the Sweet Heat fans. Made with tomatoes, oranges, brown sugar, and fresh habaneros, this delicious unique barbeque & marinade sauce adds both sweet and hot to every dish. Perfect on ribs, chicken, seafood, fresh veggies, or kabobs. Great for dipping or as a condiment.


We are changing our labels. You may get this product with a different label. Depending on when you purchased this sauce direct from Roger's Rustic, taste may now vary but you can be assured it will remain delicious now that we make it in-house.

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