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Caramelized Onions - Fresh Sliced Burning Asphalt Sauces "Papa Sam's" Sweet Tomato Pepper Relish - 9 oz jar
Caramelized Onions - Fresh Sliced Sweet Tomato Pepper Relish - 9 oz jar - Papa Sam's Original

"HEAT LEVEL O" - 8 oz. jar Let us do the caramalizing for you! Our Twisted Vine Gardens Caramelized Onions are made with Fresh Sliced Sweet Onions. Why slice and cry? We'll do it for you. Spread on toasted Bread, Pizza, Sandwiches, Chicken, and...


Papa Sam's sweet relish recipe is loaded with Fresh Green Tomatoes, Fresh Onions, Fresh Peppers, Fresh Garlic, and Secret Spices.  Gluten-Free!