Mustard Habanero Hot Sauce

Burning Asphalt Sauces Mustard Habanero Hot Sauce - 6 oz bottle
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"HEAT LEVEL 6" - 6 oz bottle

We have combined America's 2nd favorite condiment with America's #1 hot pepper - The Habanero. The result is a unique hot sauce with a nice mustard kick.

The taste of fresh habanero peppers and fresh ground mustard seeds opens up a whole array of uses for this easy pour hot sauce. It's perfect for spicing up Tex-Mex dishes, chili, tacos, burritos, pizza and the like. Stir some Burning Asphalt Mustard Habanero Hot Sauce into pasta sauce and salad dressings to add that mustard zing.

This is a must try sauce for all of you mustard lovers out there.

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