Coffee Rub & Seasoning - 4 oz shaker

Coffee Rub & Seasoning - BA Spices
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COFFEE RUB & SEASONING - Our Coffee Rub & Seasoning locks in flavor and acts as a natural tenderizer on all meats, chicken, pork, and seafood. Create a crispy outer crust for a roasted, smoky taste when used on beef, chicken or pork. Another unique and delicious blend of spices and ingredients from our kitchen to yours!

Be sure to try this one on Corn On The Cob, Pizza, Salads, Pasta, Chicken, Vegetables, and Seafood. Homemade potato chips have never tasted better with just a little bit of this blend sprinkled on them.

It takes plain old popcorn to a whole new level. Mix with olive oil for a marinade!




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