Chipotle Ketchup

"HEAT LEVEL 5" - 15 oz bottle

Chipotle Peppers and our artisan ketchup...Perfect combo! This medium heat ketchup has the most incredible flavors you will ever taste. Our Burning Asphalt Chipotle Ketchup will be on your addiction list before you know it.

Buy between 3 and 6 bottles and SAVE $$$$. as LOW as $5.29 each.

Using our perfected artisan ketchup recipe, we have added a hefty dose of the best Chipotle Peppers available to create a tasty unforgettable taste bud party in your mouth.

If you love ketchup…if you love heat…you can’t go wrong using this all-purpose sauce. Whether you dip into it, BBQ with it, or baste with it, you will never forget the incredible flavor from this well balanced condiment.

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12 or more $5.79 each
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