Cajun Sizzle Seasoning

"HEAT LEVEL 9" - 5 oz shaker

Authentic Cajun flavor in every shake!

Enjoy the crisp unmatched taste that makes this seasoning & rub a wonderful addition to Meat, Poultry, Pork, and of course Seafood. Perfect hot flavor for Jerky, Pasta, and Popcorn!

For a Dip with Heat, just add Burning Asphalt Cajun Sizzle to sour cream. Want some tasty spicy Chicken Wings? Cajun Sizzle should be your number one choice!

If you already like Cajun seasoning, and use someone else's products, you must try this one. If after you try ours and you are not 100% satisfied, call us direct for your money back (716-532-6686).




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