Bourbon Bacon Ketchup

BA Sauces Bourbon Bacon Ketchup - 15 oz bottle
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"HEAT LEVEL 0" - 15 oz bottle

BOURBON, BOURBON, BOURBON...BACON, BACON, BACON! Need we say more? Everything is better with BACON & BOURBON. And now we have added Bourbon* from Black Button Distilling of Rochester, NY. Our BA Sauces Bourbon Bacon Ketchup is what everyone needs. With just the right combination of Bacon & Four Grain Bourbon, our famous artisan ketchup, and our Secret Ingredient, this tops the charts.

Buy between 3 and 6 bottles and SAVE $$$$. as LOW as $5.79 each.

* The alcohol cooks out when we make it.

Price $6.25
12 or more $5.79 each
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